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Our partners

Gemeente Arnhem

The Mondmaskerfabriek is located in Arnhem and the municipality supports the apprenticeship program and the recruitment of employees for the factory.

Friends for brands

As a creative agency, Friends for Brands ensures that organizations make their values ​​and mission clearly visible. They create and run this beautiful website for us and work on the branding.

Philips Foundation

The Philips Foundation and Credits jointly provided a loan to open the factory and linked us to Philips, who provided us with knowledge and suppliers of raw materials


Credits is a Microfinance Institution with a Public Benefit Organzation status that helped us with a social credit, mentoring and other tools so we could get started.


Thanks to KLM, our two mask making machines could be transported from Shanghai to the Netherlands. Pilot on the plane was the sister of our co-founder Fleur Bakker, Helen.


Engineers of the Arnhem-based company QING designed a safe, Corona proof production process for us, complying to rules and regulations of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute of Public health and Environment) protocol.

Refugee Company

The mision of Refugee Company is to improve labour market integration for people with a refugee background in the Netherlands. Work is the best way to integrate. We have two social enterprises A Beautiful Mess and the Mondmaskerfabriek.  

How it works

The corona crisis compelled us to act fast. That is why we started producing the 3-layer surgical mask. Setting up local production of FFP2 and FFP3 masks would take at least six months which we could not afford.

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