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More about our masks

More about our masks

Comfortable surgical face masks

There are different face masks. Mondmaskerfabriek makes certified surgical masks type IIR. These masks are used in regular hospital care, home care, dental care and elderly care.

Users give us feedback that our face masks are more comfortable than other face masks. They feel softer and fit well. Important features if you use face masks on a daily basis.

Local production

Starting a face mask factory is quite challenging.. We managed to get eight production lines from China and to find a nice location in Arnhem. Fifty employees with a refugee background have worked in the factory for more than a year through ‘open hiring’ (work experience not required, but enthusiasm and motivation!). In this way they learned Dutch, gained work experience and earned their own money. Some have already been recruited to other employers. We produce about a million certified face masks per week and can scale this up to five million per week in the next crisis.

Thanks to local production, we can quickly respond to crises such as the current corona pandemic. Our main goal is to provide healthcare and other parties in the current crisis with sufficient face masks. In the longer term, we can also start producing other protection products.

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