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KLM last minute

KLM last minute

Naz Kawan (fellow founder) develops samples with our team at the workshop. Different models are being tested and together with the Waag we’re looking at certifications. Not an easy job. Quickly we find out how difficult it is to gather raw materials. I guess we need to be in China

My sister is a pilot for KLM and by sheer luck she’s flying to Shanghai today to pick up respiratory equipment in order of the government. I make the call and ask her if she could collect a roll of fabric for us. I tell her what it’s for and afterwards I call Jaap Stelwegen who’s always ready to chip in. He’s lived in China for 5 years with his wife Ling and they make a few calls to factories in the area. Near Shanghai they find a factory which can provide 25 kilos, enough for 25.000 masks, of non woven meltblown. Cost? 1700 euros. Jaap sends us a video of the factory and that of a man loading up a bus with our roll.

My sister is in a heavily guarded (due to Corona) hotel under very strict rules. The driver does not enter the hotel. But an hour later, she texts me with a picture of a large bale of fabric in her hotel room. Cool, it worked—material delivered in the Netherlands within 12 hours by the nicest pilot in the Netherlands.

Thank you KLM.

AM has a place

We’ve been at the Bijlmerbajes for two years now. Placemakers is what we’re called. We have a studio and a restaurant. AM owns and has developed the area into a leading, sustainable neighbourhood, called Bajeskwartier. When we’re here, they always think along with us, and we have been asked to fill in a space in their permanent district. This morning I spoke to Anneke Jongerius, who has always opened her network up to our projects. She immediately offered a free…

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