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In order to be independent from manufactures on the other side of the globe, we kickstarted the very first Dutch surgical mask factory!

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Medical mouth masks for healthcare

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More about our masks

Deal = done

We have signed a contract with the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports! When we receive our certificate and have upscaled our production, we will start supplying to the National Consortium of Resources. The ministry will help us by purchasing...


The 'Mondmaskerfabriek' is an initiative by four entrepreneurs; Jaap Stelwagen, Fleur Bakker, Johan Blom and Naz Kawan. The factory could have never been built without the support of the Refugee Company's network. Special thanks go out to Qredits and the Philips Foundation who have supported this adventure from the start. The Mondmaskerfabriek is a social enterprise.

Margot Cooijmans Director Philips Foundation